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EveningStar Kennels is proud to announce that we have a spectacular Vizsla litter that are able to go to their new homes right now.  We do have Golden Retriever puppies on our Available Trained Puppies.  We highly recommend filling out the questionnaire and reserving puppies with a deposit. All puppies before leaving our home have several sets of vaccinations and de-wormings done.  A 3 year health guarantee along with hip, eye and heart clearances and a 5 generation pedigree are provided for every puppy sold.  Professional puppy/dog training is available upon request for every puppy sold! Be sure to inquiry about our partially and fully trained puppies that are on the Available Trained Puppies page.  Please give us a call for more information or to make an appointment  for a visit, 951 763 0433 or 951-347-6953.

100% Irresistible.  Pierce is loving and cuddly. 

Vizsla puppies for sale 0663.JPG

"Prez" loves to walk beside you while while watching your face, looking for direction of what you would like for him to do.

AKC Vizslas 0641.JPG

"Billy" is a truly versatile Vizsla puppy.  He loves going through a maze that we have and exploring the surrounings.  

Puppies Vizsla 0558.JPG

"Renne" is charming, she is affectionate has a sweet personality that you won't be able to resist.

Vizsla Breeders 0487.JPG

"Carmen" is a great place to start when adding a four legged family member.  She is sweet, friendly and has a well rounded energy for a first time doggy family.

AKC Vizslas 0374JPG.JPG

"Bunny" is a perfect  balance of energy for a vizsla.  She is a ball energy for 5 minutes and next five minutes she is relaxing on your lap, looking into your eyes trying to read what you want her to do next. 

AKC Vizsla Breeders 0742.JPG

"Channel" is an affecionate puppy that will smother you with kisses. She loves to play, explore and then will come back to sit on your lap and gaze in your eyes.

Vizsla puppies for sale 0381JPG.JPG

"Candy" has a desire to please.  She has been a joy to have on our laps and running laps between our feet.

Vizsla Breeders 389.JPG

"Abby" will melt your heart, she is a sweetheart.

vizsla puppies for sale 0570.JPG

"Player" loves to chase after tennis balls and bring them back to you.  He is a very bright boy.

Vizsla Breeder in So. California 0620.JPG

 "Brock" is really impressing us with his confident personality, willingness to please and playful spirit. 

Vizsla puppies 0696.JPG

"Butler" enjoys going for  hikes and walks, climbing on rocks, and will be a great addition to any family who has children or other pets.

AKC Vizsla Puppies 0723.JPG

"Axel" is a very courageous puppy, he is bold and lets you know that he wants loving pets all the time.  He will truly be a velcro dog.

Vizsla Breeder of Merit 0587.JPG

If you are looking for an absolutely adorable little girl, look no further "Birdy" is it.  She loves to play, but is just as happy to sit on your lap annd gaze into your eyes.  She loves lots of eye contact and wants to see how she can please her people.

AKC Vizsla puppies 0680.JPG

"Aisha" is a perfect puppy and bred to do everything that the breeds supposed to do.  She will be doing it in style!

Vizsla pups for sale 0563.JPG

 After you meet this great boy "Blane" you won't want anything else.  He will make you fall in love with him!

breeders of Vizsla 0537.JPG

 Can you say "WOW"  "Carter" is a snugly puppy that is absolutely superior is every way!  He will be a great addition to an active family.

vizsla pups 0429.JPG

"Chandler" is smart as he is beautiful. A perfect companion for a loving family.

Vizsla puppies in Southern California 470.JPG